Have Questions?


If you've got more questions than answers, don't panic. I'm here to make things easy!

Where can you have your ceremony?

Anywhere you love! If it’s allowed on the site, then there are no restrictions to where you can have a celebrant-led wedding. Indoor and outdoor ceremonies are equally popular and range from barns and village halls to marquees and tipis. If you love the outdoors, then a seaside, mountain top or lake ceremony might be your style. More and more people are even choosing to get married in their own gardens or to elope with more intimate ceremonies.

What areas do I cover?

I’m based in Chichester and typically prepare ceremonies in Sussex and Hampshire, but if you just can’t imagine a ceremony without me in some other part of the world, just ask!

How long will the ceremony be?

Most wedding ceremonies range from about 30-45 minutes depending on what elements you choose to include. Vow renewals and naming ceremonies may be a little shorter, but again there are no rules.

What are the next steps?

Get in touch and we can start preparing for the big day. If it is a wedding that you are planning, you will also need to book an appointment with the registry office, much like you would register a birth before a naming ceremony.

Will I write everything?

From all of our meetings and conversations, I will write a completely custom ceremony script that has never been heard before. This may also include a symbolic ritual element if that’s your thing – there are so many cool and creative ways to demonstrate your love at a wedding (just ask for ideas!). Hopefully you will write your own vows as they are so personal, but I am very happy to work with each of you to get it just right. I can also include chosen poems and readings if you have something special you would like to include.

What’s in my fancy folder?

Well, wouldn’t you like to know! Ok, I’ll tell you. It’s full of goodies – most importantly the script for your ceremony, but there are a few other tricks of the trade that a tearful groom or blushing bride may need at the last minute.

Do you still need a Registrar to make it legal?

Yes, the legal process will be completed at the registry office at any time you have the appointment. This statutory requirement costs about £50 in Sussex and will be short and sweet. This is typically completed prior to the ceremony but can be done at your convenience. The wedding ceremony led by the celebrant (aka Mel) is where the magic happens and at the location of your choice with who and what you want! The celebrant-led ceremony is not legally binding.

What are my qualifications?

I am fully trained and qualified by the Fellowship of Professional Celebrants, the largest organisation of independent celebrants in the UK and Europe. I hold a Certificate in Marriage and Family Celebrancy as well as a Certificate in Funeral Celebrancy.