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Fun, relaxed celebrant led ceremonies that make your day meaningful and memorable. No rules allowed!

Hello, I'm Melanie. A humour-filled, upbeat memory maker with a Transatlantic accent and California vibes.

So you’re planning something special and you want it to be unique, memorable and all about you and those you love…

Good news, you’re in the right place!

Life and love stories are full of exciting memories, surprising turns, twists of fate and sliding doors. I specialise in bringing these parts of a journey together by creating ceremonies that are filled with meaning, humour and love!

How do you want to remember your ceremony? If it’s fun-filled, joyous and completely personal, then let’s chat. If you choose me as your celebrant, we will spend plenty of time together sharing your stories so that I can write, prepare and deliver the perfect ceremony for you.

A ceremony created just for you

The beauty of a celebrant-led wedding is that there really are no rules unless you make them. The ceremony will only include the elements that you choose. These may be traditional and romantic or wacky and theme-based. It’s all up to you!

Whether it’s a wedding, vow renewal or celebration of life, a celebrant-led event means a completely personalised experience for you and a memorable, more enjoyable event for your guests. It means we can involve loved ones, symbolic rituals, and anything you can think of if it makes you happy and represents your love.

As an inclusive independent celebrant, I am a fully qualified ceremony officiant, free of any council or religious restrictions, but able to include the elements meaningful to you.

If you're looking for a fabulous leading lady for your own wedding, we can't say enough good things about Melanie! She was wonderful...

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