Naming Ceremony

You’ve arrived? Yep, let’s party!


A naming ceremony is an amazing way to be introduced to your friends, family and the world. It may serve as an alternative to a christening, for a special birthday or a rite of passage and is a wonderful way to personalise the message of love you are giving. This is a unique ceremony that can include family readings, special songs, a symbolic ritual and a gathering in a location special to your family. It is a great gift to a child or even to yourself if you have made the decision to choose a new name.

What's Involved?

LET’S CHAT – First you need to know if you like me so we will start with a phone or video call to meet one another.


CONFIRM – If you’ve decided to move forward with me, I’ll send you my booking form and make sure the date is saved exclusively for you.


LET THE FUN BEGIN – We’ll have a fun meeting (in person or via video) and talk in detail about your new addition and what their name says about them. You’ll enlighten me with loving stories, future plans, and your dreams for their lifelong journey.


WRITING TIME – With your input, I will write your ceremony script! You’ll have plenty of time to review it and make any edits. If you’d like, I can suggest special readings, poems and music. We will have plenty of phone and email contact along the way.


ON THE DAY –I will arrive plenty early (about half an hour) and make sure everything is in order.

FOR THE SCRAPBOOK – I will send you a beautifully printed copy of the full ceremony as a loving keepsake.


COST – Naming Ceremonies are £250 and include all of the above and unlimited contact and ceremony support.